Bal Manent Men’s belt, buckled leather belt


Bal Manent Men's belt, buckled leather belt $129.00$139.00

105cm:Recommended size: Waist size below 2.3 feet/waist size below 80cm
110cm:Recommended size: Waist 2.3-2.4 ft/waist 80-86cm
115cm:Recommended size: Waist 2.6-2.8 ft/waist 86-93cm
120cm:Recommended size: Waist size 2.8-3.0 feet/waist size 93-96cm
125cm:Recommended size: Waist size 3.1 feet or above/waist size 96cm or above

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105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm

colour: No selection

Dark grey, grey gold button, grey blue button, plain black, palm black


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